The Seraphim House

If these walls could talk



Welcome, we are so pleased to share this world with you. 

Built by Seraphim Maspereau in the 1860's and meticulously renovated from 2012-2015.  Before its new lease on life, the house had fallen into disrepair. Vines grew through the attic, and cracks between the windows. There was not much floor to speak of, and yet it was still renowned for its parties, and occupied by all manner of circus folk.

The current owner, a contractor by trade bought the property and restored much of it by hand.
Preserving the uniquely decaying history, and sumptuously embellishing what couldn't be repaired.

Dancing on the ebony floorboards of the ballroom, under twinkling lights emanating from caged chandeliers- it's easy to feel enchanted.

There are rich stories woven through these walls, will you add yours?